5 Best Places to Visit Near Delhi

“Yeh hai Delhi mere yaar” – A famous line from Bollywood music and it has reigned in the hearts of the people of India for ages. There are innumerable best places to visit near Delhi, but it would be a waste of time if you don’t visit the places you should.

I have been to Delhi quite a few times and I will personally tell you about some of the best places that you must visit when you visit Delhi. If you go through other blogs then you will come across the most common places to visit near Delhi. However, I will tell you about those off-beats of Delhi that most people will not tell you about.

Best Places to Visit Near Delhi

So, as I said that there are many places in Delhi that you must visit, and here I will discuss some of the best ones. Well, I can not exactly say if you would not like any corner of Delhi, and it is grandly worth visiting all the places near Delhi which have all the historic importance.

1. Hauz Khas

Every corner of this city has some other historical significance, so I will keep aside the historical significance here and I will tell you just about what you get to see today. Well, Hauz Khas is located in south Delhi which is also a posh area. The area of Hauz Khas is famous for clubbing and partying with some amazing all-day-long open cafes and restaurants.

I know, I understand that you must be questioning yourself about the meaning of the term, “Hauz Khas.” The term Hauz Khas has had some real importance in the past, while the term “Hauz Khas” means “royal tank.” While you reach out to the poshest restaurants and cafes of Hauz Khas, on the way you will find some old structures on both sides of the roads they are the old water tanks for the royalties.

2. Sanjay Van

This is another amazing place in Green Park or in South Delhi, you can reach this place with the yellow line metro or the magenta line metro. Well, there is a certain power to this place, if you make a visit to Sanjay van, you will find that it is quite a deep jungle in the middle of the city and the best part is when you enter the jungle you will not feel like you are in the city.

This jungle also has some heinous animals like horn rhinos, deer, and other such animals. The path to the jungle is as beautiful as just an image which is so photogenic and beautiful. There are some steep mountains within the jungle and you can easily climb the mountains and sit on top of the mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city.

3. CP

CP or Connaught Place is one of the best places in Delhi which you will cross at least once in your whole stay. The place has an inner circle and an outer circle and there are some of the best food shops in CP. The best part is the cheap market near CP is Janpath, where you get everything at a very cheap price.

4. Chandni Chawk

Purani Delhi or Chandni Chawk is the heart of the city, if you want to get the real essence of the city then you must visit purani Delhi which also comprises the Red Fort or Lal Quila. The Chandni chowk is mostly the inhabitants of the old families of Delhi who have survived the partition and independence struggle. There are some cheap markets in Old Delhi and you must try the food there, especially the street food of Chandni chowk.

5. Majnu ka Tilla

The places I mentioned above are mostly in central and south Delhi, so now welcoming you to the northern part of Delhi. The nearest metro station to MKT is the yellow line metro named Bidhan Sabha. If you wish to visit this unique Tibetan colony in between the flavors of north India then you must visit MKT. It is said that a group of Tibetan was moving towards the south while some settled in Delhi and continued their lifestyle there. This is one of the best places near Delhi and you can get some love steam Momos and Chopsuey in MKT. Most of the DU campus students are frequently found here.


Delhi is perfect for both solo trips as well as family trips if you know where to make your stay and how to plan your tour. There are some amazing places to visit near Delhi so you must make a compact travel plan so that at least you cover the most important places. It is always a pleasure and worth visiting Delhi.

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